Basic Game Setting


The year is 2214 and the secret to FTL travel has finally been cracked. The solar system is somewhat sparsely colonized, but the bulk of humanity still calls Earth its home. Now with the ability to travel long distances, Humanity has a universe to explore. Some distant stars have colonies via generation ships, but communication is limited or non-existent. Proof of distant alien life has been discovered, but no official diplomatic first contact has been made.

Advancement Level: 8A (Early FTL, more hard scifi – like the latest Battlestar Galactica series)
FTL Type: Alcubierre/Warp Drive (Type II)


Build a human character who has a reason to be on an outgoing star ship. The idea of interstellar travel is exciting to many people, so there would have been a thorough process to vet people out. Keep track of any roadblocks, confusion, or difficulty while making the character. Feel free to use the forum for this too.

Basic Game Setting

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